The Lamb of God Christian Community

A Community of Disciples on Mission in New Zealand


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Kairos New Zealand


The Lamb of God Community has a dynamic Youth Programme called Kairos New Zealand and are established in Auckland, Wellington and in Christchurch.

If you wish to contact one of our youth groups, please contact:

Auckland                  (09) 626 2006

Wellington                (04) 568 7074

Christchurch             (03) 383 3298

Or e-mail us.


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The Lamb of God Community is part of an International Association of Christian Communities called The Sword of the Spirit. We believe that the community is a part of what God is doing in the world today by transforming His people and reaching out to others who need to know God. Through the Sword of the Spirit, we care and serve one another by sharing our resources, teachings and experience of being a Christian community.